Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Christmas is now officially complete. The presents have been opened and the family time has been shared. But most importantly I've been able to see the flawless Robert Downey Jr. tear up the screen one more time before the new year as detective Sherlock Holmes. The best present a movie goer could have this Christmas weekend.

This is a fast paced, action packed Sherlock Holmes from director Guy Ritchie. It's probably Guy's most hard hitting action packed adventure that he's made thus far, and a good one at that. The script is witty, well written, and smart. Very smart, it keeps us guessing right up until the end and has a brilliant use of flashbacks that reveal just how Holmes is actually solving this crime and the little clues he found along the way that we thought the film had skipped over. The films opens with a bang as Sherlock and Watson are racing against time to save a woman from the evil Lord Blackwood played by the creepy Mark Strong. After Blackwood is caught and then put to death by way of a hanging, questions arise when he supposedly turns up alive and Sherlock Holmes and his dear Watson pursue the case.

There is not a moment of boredom in this take on Sherlock Holmes as the fast talking, inventor/detective, runs, jumps, and smashes his way through to solve this mystery. Robert Downey Jr. may be the best actor of this generation. After Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, Iron Man, and Tropic Thunder his comeback has proved that we have missed his presence dearly on screen, the place where he truly belongs. You can tell the man is brilliant because his physical appearance doesn't change much in Holmes. He still looks just like Downey Jr. in the Holmes wardrobe. But yet he completely changes into Holmes. The accent, the movements, the witty dialogue delivery, and the stunning choreography. These are the signs of a best actor Golden Globe winner if you ask me. He's simply brilliant and an absolute pleasure to watch on screen.

The supporting cast were also enjoyable. Jude Law's portrayal as Doctor Watson was right on. Nothing award worthy, but right on none the less The way he played Holmes' friend was very well done. He's annoyed and a bit aggravated at times with Holmes and his stubborn ways, yet he can't help but laugh at him and join him on his destructive missions. He always seems to be there for him when Holmes needs him, a true friend who knows him better than if not better than Holmes himself does. Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, Holmes' ex, was nothing special but still a pleasure to watch, as Rachel McAdams always is.

Sherlock Holmes would have worked just a well if it were released in the Summer among the huge blockbuster films. But hey, Christmas day works for me. It's just a big fun film with action, comedy, and suspense that will keep entire family entertained. If you think the film can't get any more entertaining the score by Hans Zimmer, who has been my favorite composer since Days of Thunder, makes it just that much more enjoyable. The score is phenomenal, an itunes purchase for sure. The script is smart, the performances are great, the London setting is perfect, and I'm giving Sherlock Holmes a 4 and 1/2 outa 5 because of it. Go watch it and have some fun.