Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie and Julia

Just got back from Julie and Julia. I myself have always been into cooking, much more than my friends for a male to say the least. For this reason I was especially a tad more intrigued with Julie and Julia than say the average "college kid who microwaves his meals before seeing GI Joe". Don't get me wrong I do love the Summer blockbuster popcorn films too, I live for them. That's what the summers are all about. But tonight was a peaceful and pleasant summer night at the movies with Julia and I must say that two hours and some odd minutes afterwards, it hasn't gone away. When a film sticks with you even if it was just "so so" or "pretty good for the most part" well into the night after you've seen it, it's got something.
Halfway into the film would I have loved to see an entire film just about Julia Child played by the absolutely flawless Meryl Streep?? Hell yes. She was brilliant. A Best Actress Oscar nomination will not surprise me in the least come season. Not to mention Julia Child was an extremely interesting woman. But we got the Amy Adams story as well. This too was interesting, Julie Powell did an incredible thing and became a great writer, I just don't think that we the audience needed to see EVERY little thing she does in the kitchen. Julie's husband was portrayed as an absolute pig. Not in a sleazy kind of way, but in a stuffing his face in every damn scene kind of way (you'll see what I mean). A little ridiculous and unlikable to say the least, although I do admire him for sticking by his girlfriend through her blogging times.
In the end Julia Child's story definitely saves the day and it's worth seeing for that. The other half isn't unbearable by any means, it's just not quite as lovable. Go see the film if you're into cooking, love food, or just want to see one of the best female performances of the year so far. I give it 3 1/2 outa 5.