Friday, February 26, 2010


I finally got the chance to watch Moon on blu-ray last night. I was extremely disappointed that I was unable to see this in theaters and Netflix took forever to send it. But alas I was able to take my long awaited trip to the moon, and it was spectacular.

Fist off I'm not going to give away any spoilers so this is gonna be a shorter review, as it's hard to review without giving too much away. Moon is directed by second time director and son of David Bowe, Duncan Jones. His first film was a short film that he directed in 2003 called Whistle which I believe is included in the special features of Moon, so I'll be checking that out later for sure. This guy has certainly got a long career as a director ahead of him. His work here is so brilliant and really captures the essence of a man alone on the moon with just a robot named Gerty, brilliantly voiced by Kevin Spacey, to accompany him. Really all I can say without ruining it is that with just two weeks left before his 3 year mission is over and he can go home, Sam, played by Sam Rockwell, has an accident and the paranoia begins.

Sam Rockwell gives a tour de force performance as astronaut Sam Bell. Rockwell proves here that he's able to do just about anything his character calls for. Wether he's slowly slipping into paranoia, or realizing just what's going, Rockwell delivers. He also proves that he certainly is one of the best actors out there and it's a shame he wasn't nominated for Oscars or Globes. To be able to pull off such a great performance and have no other actors in the scene to feed off of is amazing. He's always been an overlooked actor in my opinion but hopefully after his performance in Moon he'll be more appreciated. Moon was made on just a 5 million dollar budget and shot over the course of only 8 days. It's smart, mind bending, eerie, well written, beautifully shot, and extremely well acted by Mr. Sam Rockwell. Moon gets 4 and 1/2 outa 5.