Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Wolfman

After seeing the trailers to The Wolfman I wasn't looking forward to seeing it in theaters at all. It looked way to CGI heavy and the trailer just wasn't pulling me in as I had hoped it would. Then it got some not so good reviews from critics but some good reviews from horror "fan boys" so I kinda got excited for it. I was more than pleased with what I saw, and with what I was expecting to see.

Benicio Del Toro stars as the American man, Lawrence Talbot. He returns home to the dark gothic place of Blackmoor after hearing about his brothers recent death. He soon finds out that his death was caused by an attack of some sort of monster that is still lurking around. After it strikes again and Lawrence is bitten he himself turns into the wolfman.

Benicio is great in the film and his American accent is really good. You can actually understand him in this film and he doesn't do his trademark soft spoken mumbling. The film is a hard R horror film and I love that. It doesn't let up for a second. We see blood and guts galore and it's done well. The CGI actually ended up working for me and it didn't bother me really at all as I had initially thought it would. The sound is great as the wolfman growls while terrorizing the town and made me jump a few times which is another reason to see this in theaters. My favorite scene is when they drag Lawrence into a meeting room with tons of onlookers and he's completely strapped down in a chair for psychiatric evaluation. Lets just say that it also happens to be a full moon....and the shit hits the fan. It's a great scene.

The film does an excellent job at creating a dark and creepy surrounding for the audience with it's cinematography and dark gothic settings and score. I absolutely loved this about the film. It had the look of Sleepy Hollow which I also loved. This is a great film to watch around Halloween and I cannot wait to get this on blu-ray. I'm rating this high based on the amount of fun I had watching it and in the category of horror films it's pretty damn good. I'm giving The Wolfman 3 1/2 outa 5.